Apr 21, 2010

My Summer Uniform

Here's my summer uniform...

I am currently loving boyfriend shorts (isn't it obvious) and ultra-light linen blouses. Plus my Coco Chanel-esque striped top. Too lazy to change bags and unearth other sandals, so I chose my current ones. Hehehehe.

Apr 20, 2010

Scottish Accessories for Summer

Years ago I have been fascinated by Scottish jewellery accessories, mostly rings, brooches and trinkets. This mostly came from the fact that at that time I was into reading and watching European history and culture (mostly Scottish, English, and Irish). Even when I was engaged to be married, I checked on designer jewellery for potential designs for our very own wedding bands. I also wanted Scottish favors as gift ideas to all my guests. My fascination came back again because of my obsession with the TV series The Tudors. There may be small opportunities for exposure though, as the series was mainly set in England. Honestly I prefer the Celtic type of jewellery though!

Anyways, since it's summer, I am now back again to wearing boyfriend shorts and boyfriend jeans with my "peasant" blouses with the lightest fabric. It's a cruel summer here and the weather is as hot as ever. This however does not mean that we cannot be fashionable right? And so how else to accessorize my whole "modern peasant" look than by complementing my outfit with Scottish jewellery? A statement piece like a ring or a simple brooch or pendant will do, especially on very casual days. Yet even evening attire such as the little black dress can be accessorized with intricate necklaces or a simple chain with a unique and elegantly designed pendant to make the look more uniquely sophisticated.

Apr 16, 2010

Everything Pink

All you pink lovers with lotsa moolah, here's a treat for you...

Apr 7, 2010

My Bag Wishlist

If money were not an issue and poverty is at minimum, these are the bags I would like to have in my closet and be added to my "bag collection."

Chanel Veau Ver Large Tote - Bordeaux
Balenciaga Giant City Bag - Sangria and/or Maldives

Prada Saffiano & Tessuto Bag - Red

Prada Cervo Fairy Bag

YSL Muse Bag - Almond

Louis Vuitton Aquarelle Bag

Mulberry Alexa Bag - Yellow

3.1 Phillip Lim Bag

Don't want to add this because this is something beyond me, but heck, here it is...

Hermes Birkin Bougainvillea or Hermes Orange

Apr 6, 2010

Smokin' Hot!


I love this bathing suit, i just might get it...



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