Nov 6, 2009

Men's Musts: 9 Things Every Guy Should Buy and Wear


Men's Musts: 9 Things Every Guy Should Buy and Wear

While we love dudes who aren't afraid to sport the latest and greatest, there are a few staples that should absolutely, positively form the basis of every man's wardrobe, dandy or not. As perfect paired with of-the-moment get-ups as they are on their own, these totally timeless no-brainer pieces—from dark wash jeans to desert boots—can and should be worn again and again. Yes, it's easy for a fella to get sucked into the trends that cheap-chic factories like H&M and Topman churn out each season, but these closet classics will stick around longer than six months—and should have a place in every guy's permanent rotation.

1. The Classic Dark-Washed Jeans mens-must-haves-denim.jpg

There's nothing like a pair of great-fitting straight leg jeans, and dark wash never goes out of style. Truly indispensable, they can be dressed up or down, and get better with wear. Seriously, if you have a pair of jeans with any sort of kooky stitching or pocket designs, discard immediately.

Above, from left: Levi's 501 Original Jeans in Rinsed, $37 (were $46), at Levi's; A.P.C. New Standard Jeans, $155, at A.P.C.; Oak Indigo Straight Jean, $146, at Oak.

2. The Desert Boots


Though the Clarks classics have laces, pull-on versions are an easy update, and let's face it, the less work the better. Whether in universal black or broken-in beige, suede or canvas, there's a version of these to suit every guy's style.

Above, from left: Clarks Desert Boot, $95, at Clarks; Vanishing Elephant Ferris Leather Desert Boot, $264, at Blackbird; Acne Dune Boot, $489 CDN, at Gravitypope.

3. The Cashmere Pullover


Some dudes do V-necks, some don't. We'll admit, dabbling in neck "intricacies" can get you into trouble. But not with a classic cashmere crew. Whether in merino or a soft cashmere blend, it's a hard call The merino wool crewneck gets an upgrade in cashmere--a definite investment, but it'll add polish to any outfit.

Above, from left: Acne Storm Sweater, $240, available at Gargyle; A.P.C. Pullover, $280, at A.P.C..


Above, from left: Victor Glemaud Grunge Crew Sweater, $325, at Odin; J.Crew Cashmere Crewneck Sweater, $188, at J.Crew.

4. The Polished Top Coat


Top coat equals entry into grown-up land. Whether going to the opera or on a dinner date, guys really can't be wearing whatever variation of the North Face jacket they still have from their undergrad days...over a suit.

Above, from left: Topman Charcoal Duffle Coat, $160, at Topman; Patrik Ervell Overcoat, $865, at Opening Ceremony.


Above, from left: Band of Outsiders Polo Coat, $2,070, at Opening Ceremony; Freeman's Sporting Club Pea Coat, $1630, at Refinery29 Shops.

5. The Good Go-to Belt


Every outfit needs a finishing piece, and a leather belt in a neutral color is a functional accent that can be worn daily (and not necessarily to keep up your pants).

Above, from left: UO Solid Leather Belt, $19, at Urban Outfitters; Topman Tan Leather Plaited Belt, $40, at Topman; Tanner Standard Belt with Black Hardware, $87, at Blackbird.

6. Versatile Sport Coat


Part-time blazer, sometimes overcoat, always useful. Tweed is a homespun, English novelist-style variation of black, navy, or charcoal. And you don't have to be a nerd to wear it.

Above, from left: Marc by Marc Jacobs Wool Flannel Blazer, $394, at Ssense; Billy Reid Henry Patch Pocket in Brown Plaid, $625, at Billy Reid.


Above, from left: Nom de Guerre Woolen Blazer, $725, at Inventory; Shades of Greige Two Button Blazer, $198, at Ssense.

7. Plaid Shirt With the Perfect Fit


Perfectly-cut plaid shirts (like Steven Alan's) often come in letter-sizes--how many of us are actually "medium-sized," anyway? Don't fear the tailor.

Above, from left: Gitman Brothers Tartan Button Up, $175, at Acrimony; Woolrich Cotton Plain Upland Button Down, $185, at Bird.


Above, from left: Steven Alan Reverse Seam Shirt, $168, at Steven Alan; J.Crew Secret Wash Button-Down Shirt, $59.50, at J.Crew.

8. A Classic Watch


You probably wish your grand-dad passed down his love-worn Patek Philippe, but most of you guys out there won't be so lucky. For reality's sake, every guy should score himself a refined-yet-rugged military-style watch, ideal for every day and just as stylish for night.

Above, from left: G-SAR Dive Watch, $700, at County Comm; Simon Carter WT 1600 Watch, $175, at Blackbird; M&Co 5 O'Clock Watch, $95, at the MoMA Store.

9. Tailored Khakis


Definitely not your dad's pleated pants (unless he's Johnny Depp), great-fitting khakis are a bare-bones essential, be they cuffed on the beach or tucked into some worn-in motorcycle boots.

Above, from left: Corpus Sailor Pants, $75 (were $189), at Gargyle; Chimala West Point Chino Officer's Pants, $325, at Bird; Ralph Lauren G.I. Flat Front Fine Chino, $98, at Ralph Lauren.


Nov 5, 2009

Chanel Canvas Bag


Simple bag, but yeah, it is a Chanel bag. Loving SJP/Carrie Bardshaw's "casual" look here. can she get any more stylish? I am so looking forward to the movie sequel!

Stella McCartney for Gap Kids


If this collection is available here, never mind that I do not have any Christmas loot. as long as my bebe will be in style. Hahahah. Love love the pieces.

See Stella Mccartney for Gap Kids.

Oct 22, 2009

Papa Don't Preach

Didn't have Madonna in mind but this look reminded me of her 80's hit Papa Don't Preach!


Office to Cocktails

This would bring me from the board room to cocktails with my BFFs!

Visit My Looklet

Oct 16, 2009

Rain Boots for Darling Daughters

It seems to me that I'm not the only one who loves having daughters wear rain boots...

[Image from JustJared]

I love it when my bebe girl wears her boots too!

Loving Kate and Suri


Yet another good picture of Kate and Suri. I lvoe the Momma outfit, but there are two things I love more:
  • Their seeming closeness. Suri is really attached to her Mom
  • Suri's red rainboots. I am so envious of it! I want my darling daughter to have that!!!
[Image from JustJared]

Oct 15, 2009

FAIL: How NOT To Use A Birkin

Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay.

I somewhat envy you for having a nice-colored Birkin. But why do you have to subject it to overstuffing?

Lots of people can be fed by the amount of cash used to buy this bag, so at least a little respect in using it is in order.

Tsk tsk tsk.

[Image from BagThatStyle]

Oct 13, 2009

Chloe Palermo Bag


What's not to like about this picture. The drool-worthy Chloe Bag, the boots (Louboutin), the dress (Missoni), and not to mention, Olivia Palermo looks really pretty and wow, nice figure.

Must exercise. Must save too. So I should turn my back now on bags. For now at least. Hahaha!

Oct 11, 2009

Hairstyle for Me

My hair is so long now and I'm thinking of having a haircut. But, what style would I choose? Last year I had this Victoria beckham-ish bob though much longer. This year, I chose two styles...


My ever-concern is that I have curly hair, and I don't have any plans in having it re-bonded. Hmm. Maybe I will if ever I choose to have Kate's bob.

Oct 9, 2009

When in Paris


Isn't it quite obvious I am enjoying creating looks using Looklet? Hahahaha.

Oct 3, 2009

Ready To Pounce

In a virtual world where I am the Boss (well, I was a "Lady Boss" hahaha) I would love to power dress but not in a corporate-y way.

My Looklet Page

Oct 1, 2009

Feeling Girly?


My Looklet Page

Me and My Baby Girl


Just kidding, hahaha! But I can just imagine my darling girl and I looking something like this when she grows up. In a way, Katie + Suri style is similar to V + E style, less the celebrity status of course, hahaha.

But yeah, I usually wear a shirt, bf jeans, and flats on my dress-down days, while darling girl wears leggings and a girly girl top. Oh, plus the bag. My daughter doesn't leave home without her bag and set of keys, hahaha.

[Image from]

Sep 27, 2009

Jimmy Choo for H&M

Why is there no H&M here in Manila! *Sigh*

Oh well, here's one good news to all who are lucky enough to have H&M nearby...

Jimmy Choo for H&M this Fall!!!

More info here in Everything Fabulous.

Sep 22, 2009

Raoul Fashion Show by SSI


After millions of years, I finally got to attend a fashion show (oh wait, Fashion Week too this year, hahaha), and it's by SSI for the Singaporean brand RAOUL. At least it's one reason for me to wear a cocktail dress. Gash, I love it whenever there's a chance to glam up!!!

Anyway, we had wonderful cocktail food by the Peninsula and rounds of drinks (I downed a glass of champagne, and about 3 glasses of cosmos, hahahahaha!) before the show started.

Thank you BFF C for inviting me, because I love love love the clothes!!! The clothes have simple silhouettes but evoke this chic and glamorous aura.

I must check out the shop when I go to Greenbelt 5. Soon. Hahahaha.

More pictures in Heart-2-heart-Online

Leighton Meester at the Emmy's

I really love Leighton Meester's style. Even her character in Gossip Girl is fabulous too.

Here she is wearing a divine Bottega Veneta dress.

This will be my inspiration for what I will wear during friend S's Boracay wedding this January 2010.

Plus the makeup too...

Actually, even before I saw these pics, I was really thinking of a Grecian-type dress, somewhere in this kind of style or those one-shoulder twisted cloth thing. Fashionable minds think alike? HARHARHAR.

[images from BagThatStyle]

Sep 21, 2009


Stumbled across this fabulous website, Looklet.Com ... And I am enjoying making looks!

Here's My Page. This is a worthy alternative to Polyvore. Hopefully the site brings in more items. Love love love it. Share yours too!

Sep 16, 2009

Leighton Meester at the VMA's

Forget the Kanye West issue. Well, maybe not, but take a look at Leighton Meester!

I love her whole get-up. The dress, the shoes, the bag, the makeup. Smashing.

Full article on Bag That Style.

Sep 13, 2009

Monday Office Attire

Gonna wear this tomorrow!

To Go with Hillier

I got this to go with my Hillier Bag...

I still kept my vow... no purchase above 2k. Hehehehe.

Image from Charles & Keith.

Friday Casuals 09.11.09

Thank goodness wearing jeans is now legal in the office (for Fridays only!)

Beige Jacket - Tyler
Lace Top and Spaghetti Straps Undershirt - Mango
Denim Skirt - Mango
Snakeskin Sandals - SM (very good cheap thrill!)
Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Hillier Bag (yes, I did!)
Three-strand Pearls - I forgot, hahahaha.

Sep 4, 2009

The Hillier Bag

I still can't forget the Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Bag. I blogged about it in my other blog...

Here's what to wear with this bag...

Maybe I should drop by the store and finally get it. I really really want it.

Getting Impatient

It's taking so long already....

I want an orange one!

Emma All Grown Up

Vogue Russia

beautiful, I must say! Love love love her pics.

More pics in Everything Fabulous. Must look!



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