Feb 26, 2010

Summer with J. Crew

Why oh why is there no J. Crew here????

I love Jenna's Picks. They're my choices too!

For the kids!

And Men too!

See the full March 2010 Catalogue HERE.

couturious: Style and Shop!

Watch out, Looklet.com, there's a new baby in town... Couturious.com!

I learned of this site from theBudgetFashionista.com and I must say that I was really intrigued by this new style and shop website.

Yup, I made this simple outfit just to test it. And I am loving it so far!

Looklet fans, do check it out now!

Feb 22, 2010

Regretted Not Getting This

Renegade Folk's Brogues

Lent is here, and I have to wait for 40 days if I wish to get it (will not break my fasting pledge). Will I still like this by that time? I really regret not buying it the first time it was displayed in Powerplant. *Sigh*

Bagged The Shorts!

I was unable to get myself the Gap boyfriend shorts I was wanting (see related post HERE) but was happy that the hubby got to buy me these denim boyfriends shorts in Promod!

Check it out in Promod.

Now I can't wait to hit the beach next week! Love love love summer!

PS: Did I breach my "fasting" where i pledged not to buy anything during the Lenten Season? The shorts bough were a planned buy even before Lent. Or am I just justifying? Hahahaha. Back to my pledge though. Not going to buy anything the whole time.

Feb 15, 2010

Summer Must: Boyfriend Shorts

For Summer, I am declaring (wow, naks!) boyfriend shorts to be a must, at least in my closet.

I checked out Gap here and unfortunately there was no size. Must check out other Gap stores and hopefully get myself one.

I also went to Zara and saw a rally nice one but again the size was too big for me. Eeps!

Actually, I prefer denim boyfriend shorts, something like this...

Not losing hope, I will continue to hunt my perfect pair. Hehehe.

Feb 11, 2010

Vilebrequin in Manila!

As I strolled down the mall, I happened to notice that Vilebrequin, the luxury men's (and boys') swimwear, is already in town! I contemplated in getting the husband one for Valentine's Day (yeap, I'm cheesy like that).

he's gonna love this design... so him hahahha!

I gasped at the price though. Eeps! Hahaha! Maybe for Christmas or for his birthday. At least I have more time to save up! Guess I'll add this in my Wishlist!

Anyway, Vilebrequin is found in Rustan's Glorietta and Greenbelt 5. Products found HERE and HERE.

Feb 10, 2010

The Gucci Paravanda Collection


The Gucci Paravanda Collection

Good for Spring, but I have yet to see this collection in person to determine if it's a FAIL or if I am feeling it.

This is available in March, but only in Singapore. Let's see if there's still stock when I go there *wink *wink* this April.

Images from Bagsnob.com

Feb 9, 2010

Queen Victoria

What a fierce lady she is.

All black, and mega sunnies, sleek pumps, and who could miss the Bordeaux Croc Hermes Birkin.

Fierce, fierce, fierce.

Feb 5, 2010

Orange, Blue, White

Orange. Blue. White.

This is my take on Summer casuals 2010...

The Casual Styles of Rachel Bilson

I always love seeing pics of Rachel Bilson!

Love her style!

Images from:

Summer 2010!


Or sheer-effect?
White hot?

Or military-sheer fusion?

or all of the above?

Images from Style.com

Fasyon Pack

Just imagine if you and your friends have a picture that looks just as good as this....

Who would you be in this picture?

Image is from The Sartorialist



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