Sep 26, 2008

Should I Get?

Went to Zara last weekend to get my black dress-shirt, but saw these:

The second pic: very comfy to wear but I don't know if the look suits me or my personality. Love it though that the black top is made of Organic cotton. Hope they make more clothes that are eco-friendly.

So, should I get? Hmmm.

Sep 23, 2008

Boyfriend Pants - Gotta Have!


Now if only I can find that perfect pair. :D

Sep 18, 2008

For Him: Black Label

Saw this from the Mabuhay Doctor's website, and this new concept in Rustan's looks very interesting and promising!

I should check it out soon... I'm hoping they still have this

as I want to give E a new messenger bag (for travel) for Christmas... because most likely I will not be able to afford to give him this...

[Image from]

Sep 17, 2008

Celebrity Look: Sienna Miller

Love this very casual look of Sienna Miller.

[Image from Shopstyle]

Can be done, eh? Just gotta find the perfect boyfriend jeans.

Sep 16, 2008

The Obi is Back!

Well, at least in Marc Jacobs' S/S 09 Collection!

Strangely I like this collection... not too much bright colors and all. I believe that the colors of autumn still influenced the colors of the Spring/Summer collections, which, based on my last post, what I'm liking/loving! Plaid (I previously posted about this) is still "in" next year, so those investments are still good. I hope! There's not much splash of color, and if any, these were jewel toned colors - no pastel-y type, you know. Anyway, this collection... I really like... Kinda retro, kindly oriental, kinda modern, kinda everything. MJ is really a genius. Hehehehe.

More of my favorite collections later!

[Images from Style.Com]

Austere Dressing

My style right now is apparently evolving... For some reason, I'm now so into the neutrals. Like what Comme Des Garcons (and also Chuvaness' style mantra) "said"... no color, no jewelry, short nails, etc...

This for me is challenging to achieve. With neutrals - black, white, gray - you have to be more creative in the choices you make, else you'd look to Gothic. But then again, I'm not really into that baggy, hard-core CDG designs either. I still prefer streamlines silhouettes - though I'm putting on more weight, I can still be consdiered "slim" and those baggy stuff will just drown me and all. So, not too much baggy items for me. Nor the slinky ones too.

Which was why I totally dig Lanvin's Pre-Fall 2008 collection...

Maybe it's just because of the "season" right now. Autumn (or rainy season here in Pinas) just doesn't call for color, at least for me now. But hey, I'm kinda liking some of the S/S '09 collections (more on that later).

Anyway, that's my little style reflection today.

[Images from Style.Com]

Dinner With Friends


I would love to try this outfit set for dinner with friends. I'm looking forward to wearing those nice little black socks with my shoes! As for the silver Chanel bag.... maybe I'll just get an alternative. Hahaha.

Sep 9, 2008

Wish Dressing for HK Trip

If only I could, I'd love to wear these for my HK Trip...

Sep 8, 2008

Monday Work Attire

Too lazy to think about what to wear today. I'll be working for half a day only... it's my baby's first birthday!

Sep 5, 2008

Friday Casuals: Earth Tones

Before these galidators go out of style, I should maximize them. Hahaha. I'm glad to wear this with one of my favorite dress shirts, my black tulip dress.



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